Deborah J. Connelly

I’m not a fan of the spotlight, but since you’ve taken the time to visit, I will take the time to tell you a little about myself.

I have always loved being creative, whether it’s home improvement, gardening, painting, drawing, tattooing… I thrive in the exploration of it all. I studied fine arts at Kwantlen College, then went on to do print and web design for 9 years, while continuing to paint, draw and cast as a hobby. I later moved onto tattooing which has been one of the most satisfying endeavors of my life. Today, I tattoo 3 days a week, limiting most of my work to designs I have created. When I am not spending quality time with friends and family, I am at home working on our 1930’s heritage house or in my private studio, making a mess :)

Thank You for Visiting